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Library Services

Computer Services

The library offers 10 standard desktop computers attached to the hospital network. You must be an associate to access these computers.
The library offers 1 WYSE / EZAccess computer, located next to the reference desk.
The library also has five Internet Kiosk computers. They are located in the Patient and Family Education Center half of the library. Associates who do not have internet access and members of the public can use the Internet Kiosks.

Printing, Scanning and Faxing

The library has two multifunction machines that photocopy or scan documents.  The multifunction machine across from the rerference desk it for hospital associates and also faxes.

The multifunction machine in the corner of the Patient and Education Center portion of the library is attached to the Internet Kiosks and is for non-hospital associated only.


Secure connection for Ascension Health devices.

Unsecured connection for personal devices.

There is NO wireless printing available.