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Cancer Resources: Welcome!

How to use the guide

Below is a summary of the information and resources you can find within this guide.  If you have any questions, or can't find what you need, don't hesitate to Ask a Librarian.

Getting Started -  Here you will find books the library has as well as web sites that provide a general overview on caner.

Types of Cancer - Find information different types of cancer

Drugs & Treatments - Resources for drug and treatment information, including side effects.

Supportive Care/Symptom Management - Links you to resources and information for life during and after cancer, including treatment side effects, as well as rehabilitation.  Key web resources for end-of-life information are also included. 

Ask A Librarian - Can't find what you need?  Need more information?  Click here to ask a librarian.

About this Guide

This guide was create by the library staff at the Mohammad and Farhat Qazi Patient and Family Education Center at the Southfield Campus of Providence-Providence Park Hospital.

It was designed to provide you with quality health information resources, whether you are a patient or a family member, visitor or member of the community. 

Members of the public are welcome to use the Patient and Family Resource Center. Click the Ask a Librarian tab at the top of this guide to learn more.

Mohammad and Farhat Patient and Family Education Center

Resources in this guide are made available to support the information needs of patients and their families at Providence-Providence Park Hospital, as well as visitors and the community.

Consumer Health Library

The material in Providence-Providence Park Hospital's Patient and Family Resource Center is intended to provide general information for you.  Some material may contain information that is the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of your physician.  This material also does not represent all that is available on the subject and may not apply specifically to your condition.  This material should be used to formulate questions for discussion with your physician or other health care professional.

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Alexia Estabrook
Providence-Providence Park Hospital
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