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Helen L. DeRoy Medical Library: Remote Access & Mobile Apps

Remote Access

Most databases, electronic journals, and electronic books are restricted to Providence-Providence Park Hospital staff, faculty and students. If you want to access PPPH Medical Library resources off campus you need an OpenAthens account.

If you do not have an Athens account, complete and return the OpenAthens request form. when your account has been created you will receive an email asking you to verify your account and choose your password.

To access Athens off site, simply go to the Athens web site ( and login with your username and password. Or, if you are at a site and have not logged into Athens, find and click on a "log on" link and choose OpenAthens.

NOTE: Only medical students rotating at Providence Hospital for 6 months or longer will be given an OpenAthens account.

Athens Account Request Form

Create Accounts

NOTE: In order to create a MyAccess profile you MUST be at a standard computer WITHIN Ascension Providence (either campus).

*** If you have an OpenAthens account, you do NOT need to create an account with AccessMedicine to access this resource remotely., though you do need one to use certain features, such as study tools ***

From the library's web site go to the Library Resource box and click on AccessMedicine.  Alternatively, you can go to their web site directly by using the following link:

Click on the Sign In link, then chose Sign In or Create a MyAccess Profile.

From the Pop Up window select the Create a Free MyAccess Profile button.

Complete the profile as instructed and when finished select the Create Profile button.

Alternatively, once you click on the Sign In link, you can chose the Sign in via OpenAthens link.  If you do not have an OpenAthens account fill out and send in the OpenAthens request form.



NOTE: In order to create a ClinicalKey Account you MUST be at a standard computer WITHIN Ascension Providence (either campus).

*** If you have an OpenAthens account, you do NOT need to create an account with ClinicalKey to access this resource remotely. ***

From the library's web site go to the Library Resource box and click on ClinicalKey.  Alternatively, you can go to their web site directly by using the following link:

Click on the Register link.

Complete the registration form as indicated and click on the register button to complete the process.



NOTE: In order to create a MedOne Neurosurgery Account you MUST be at a standard computer WITHIN Ascension Providence (either campus).




Mobile Apps

  1. Download the app
  2. To activate and for continued access to the app, the user must have an active My Access account through AccessMedicine and sign in every 90 days through PPPH.
    • Your My Access account user name and password will activate this app.

NOTE: The app gives you access ONLY to the following AccessMedicine resources:

  1. Quick Medical Dx & Tx
  2. Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology
  3. Differential Diagnosis Tool
  4. Diagnostic Tests

For full access to AccessMedicine, log into the site through OpenAthens. 

  1. Download the app
    • Search "EBSCOHost" in Google Play or iTunes
  2. Activate the app
    • Go to EBSCOHost -
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the iPhone and Android Apps link.
    • Enter your email and click send
      • You will receive an email with instructions, an activation key, and links to download the app (if you haven't already done so).
    • The EBSCOhost app is authorized to access the profile from which you emailed yourself the authentication key - for a period of nine months.

      After nine months you must perform the authorization process again.

  1. Download app -
  2. Create a personal ClinicalKey account
  3. Activate the account.
    • Open the app on your device.
    • Choose the option that says you have access to ClinicalKey and have an account.
    • Sign In
  4. In order to maintain uninterrupted access, you must log in to your ClinicalKey account from any on-site PPPH computer at least once every 6 months.
  1. Download the app
    • Search "Lexicomp" in Google Play or iTunes
  2. Activate the app
    • Go to LexiComp -
    • Click on the Mobile App Access button (on the right side of the page, near the top)
    • Select your platform (Android / iOS)
    • Create Lexicomp account? (Yes if you have downloaded app)
    • Follow instructions to enter activation code
      • NOTE: You MUST use your St. John email address to activate this app.
    • Your subscription is good for one year from the date that you activated your code. You can check the expiration date by going to Application Info, then My Subscriptions within the app.
      • Note: If your subscription is set to expire in 30 days, you only have the trial version and have not installed your full subscription. Please review the installation instructions.


The STAT!Ref mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


Apple Logo Apple iOs

Download the STAT!Ref Mobile App for free from the iTunes Store


Download the STAT!Ref Mobile App for free from the Google Play Store

How to Authenticate

In order to use the STAT!Ref Mobile App you must have a personal STAT!Ref account.  This will allow you to access content thought the Library's subscription.

  1. From a standard desktop computer IN THE HOSPITAL, go to STAT!Ref.
  2. Click on the MySTAT!Ref link at the right side of the page near the top.
  3. Fill out the form and click the Log In / Create Account button.
  4. Fill out the next form then click on the Create Account button.
  5. Once you have created your MySTAT!Ref account and logged in, click on the Temporary Login Account tab.
  6. Click on the Activate/Renew button.

Activating the Temporary Login Account will give you the ability to login the Library's STAT!Fef subscription using the same username and password as you used for MySTAT!Ref account.

Accessing Content on a Mobile Device

To access content on your mobile device, open the STAT!Ref app on the device then login using the username and password for your MySTAT!Ref account.

Authentication Renewal

Authentication for the STAT!Ref Mobile App must be renewed after 180 days.  To renew, follow the instructions listed under How to Authenticate.

Mobile Friendly Resources

The following sites don't have mobile apps (or only have apps on limited platforms).  The web sites for these resources are reactive, meaning they reformat to optimally display on your device.  Bookmark the OpenAthens web site on your device(s) and use it to access the following resources:

  • ClinicalKey
  • FirstConsult (Android only - iOS has an app)
  • The Cochrane Library via Wiley (Android and iPhone only - iPad has an app)
  • AccessCardiology
  • AccessMedicine
  • AccessMedicine - OB/GYN
  • AccessSurgery
  • R2 Digital Library
  • CyberTools

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